Plan a program with 3 Children’s Books about Never Giving Up

My daughter, Stella, never runs out of big ideas.  But she often gets upset because the ideas she has do not always turn out like she wants them to.  We have discussions often about her feelings of frustration because friends or family don’t understand what she really likes to do. I try to be extra supportive when she feels like she wants to quit because she is worried what other people think.

What did help was finding some books that introduces her to three characters that experienced the same frustrations she did.

These books are about other kids that sometimes worry they may mess up or not meet the expectations of others. The picture books are fun and thoughtful and if you are a parent or teacher these books will appeal to you also as great ones to read aloud and discuss with your students.

Iggy Peck, Architect 

BookTalkwithNeverGiveUpBooks (1)

The Most Magnificent Thing

BookTalkwithNeverGiveUpBooks (2)

The Girl who Never Made Mistakes

BookTalkwithNeverGiveUpBooks (3)

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