5 Ways Volunteering helps Reduce a Teen’s Anxiety

Hello! Welcome to our Project Stella Resources Blog!   I remember having my first "bad" thoughts when I was ten years old. Thoughts of worthlessness, crazy sadness, and that things would just be better if I wasn't around. I remember sitting in my bedroom with my door closed and wondering how I got to where I … Continue reading 5 Ways Volunteering helps Reduce a Teen’s Anxiety

Project Stella Book Talk: The Warden’s Daughter

One of my favorite books that I read as a teacher to my fifth grade students was Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli. I am  excited to have come across his new book published last year, The Warden’s Daughter. This is a historical fiction novel that tells the story of Cammie O’Reilly – a twelve-almost thirteen year old girl who lives in an apartment above the cell blocks of the Hancock County Prison. She interacts every day with the prisoners that live there and she has authority – they listen to her because she is the Warden’s daughter. The one thing she doesn’t have is a mother.

“She Writes Comics” – Women in Comics

Currently, Stella's biggest ambition is to be an artist/illustrator and so I want her to have some strong role models who use art to make an impact.  Unfortunately, my initial search for women in art did not give me what I was looking for. Then this morning I decided to look for "Documentaries about Art" on Netflix to see if there is anything that Stella can watch (and be interested in). I found She Writes Comics, a documentary that tells the unknown story of women in comics.

The Legacy Project

The Legacy Project is simple.  It is a journal.  Inside the journal, I wrote a question on each page.  I provided instructions to the recipient asking them to take time over the next year to answer the questions with as much or as little detail as they desire.  Then, after the year, I ask that the journal be wrapped up as a gift and given back to me.