12 Inspiring Movies for your child to watch on break

The following is a list of 12 movies and documentaries that are recommended to inspire children and teens.  Some inspire acts of kindness while others inspire you to be yourself - even when faced with challenges and adversity. As with any of my recommendations, I strongly encourage parents to view the films for themselves first.... Continue Reading →


5 Activities for a Ready Player One Event

Ready Player One, a book written by Ernest Cline, was adapted for a movie and shown on screens in 2018. Listed in Goodreads.com Best Science Fiction Novel of the 21st Century, it is become a popular Dystopian novel for both Young Adults and Adults - especially anyone that claims to be a "Child of the... Continue Reading →

Planning a Harry Potter Party: Food, Decor, & Activities

It's been over two years since Stella was introduced to Harry Potter. We've watched all the movies, read the books, visited the Wizarding World at Universal Studios Hollywood, and have had our share of Harry Potter activities and parties. Here are a couple of our Must-Haves. All are done on a budget!

“Detachment” – Not your regular feel good movie but very important

I am a true sucker for any inspirational movie that shows the power of educators. My husband and I watched the movie Detachment today. It caught my attention from the beginning with teachers speaking about how and why they started their career.  But the movie definitely takes a very grim, gritty, and realistic look at the public school system in a urban area.

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