Planning a Global Youth Service Day project: Steps for youth doing Project Comfort Kits

Hello! Welcome to the Project Stella Resources Blog! Global Youth Service Day is coming up. We celebrate it every April and it kicks off an important initiative to empower youth to serve and make a different in their community. In this series on Project Stella Resources, I will provide example of projects that kids can... Continue Reading →


5 Awesome Ways your school can R.O.C.K. with students who Radiate Outrageous Compassion & Kindness

Hello! Welcome to the Project Stella Resources Blog! When I decided to create the Schools that R.O.C.K. program I had one mission in mind. That through the program we could transform classrooms, schools, and the community with students who Radiate Outrageous Compassion & Kindness. This means that students would have no tolerance for bullying. Students would be able... Continue Reading →

Tips to Help Youth lead Volunteer Projects

Hello! Welcome to our Project Stella Resources Blog!  My daughter is a Junior Independent Girl Scout Member currently working on her Bronze Award. For the first time, this project NEEDs to be student-led.  Previously, projects were organized by the parents with some input from the members but in reality the Scouts followed directions on what... Continue Reading →

Guide to Planning Service Projects

The purpose of this workbook is to guide students in creating a service program that will meet a community need and provide meaningful opportunities to a volunteer team. By breaking the process down into very simple steps, students can take practical steps to make their vision a reality. The questions in this workbook help prepare... Continue Reading →

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