5 things you can do today to help siblings show kindness to each other

For this post I went to my Facebook community and asked them what they most wanted to talk about. The topic that came up the most? Siblings & Kindness. Several situations presented - young siblings who need to show more empathy to each other, sisters who show kindness and compassion to everyone else but once... Continue Reading →


Three ways to support your child and your child’s school through Scholastic

Yes, that is right. I have been called a Scholastic-aholic several times throughout my life. In grade school, the highlight of my month was bringing home the Reading Club Flier and seeing what new books were now available.  As a teacher, Scholastic provided me with a means to build my classroom library and offer additional resources to my students.  Then, working with community agencies, Scholastic provided a ways to help other nonprofits and afterschool programs.

I am a huge supported and want to highlight three ways parents can support their child and their child's school through Scholastic.

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