A fun activity that is part of the Detective badge work is studying fingerprints.

Our first step was to find fingerprints in a common place around the house.  I was able to find directions to do this with Connections Academy using the supplies in the picture below.

Stella decided to dust for prints in the kitchen.


After finding a print on the sink faucet, Stella needed to have a way to compare the fingerprint with everyone at home.  She knew a way to do this by coloring on a sheet of paper with a pencil (really hard) and then placing her finger down on the scribbled space. Then, after lifting the finger up, she placed a piece of tape on her finger and it lifts the finger print. She did this for each person in the family.



She also discovered that her daddy has one of the three common types of prints – the left loop – while the two of us both have an arch print.

This was Step Four of the Detective Badge work for her Girl Scouts Journey.

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