To continue working on our Detective skills we did a couple of activities about sending secret messages.


First, we tried breaking some codes and creating our own.


I found these really great worksheets on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Crack the Codes – A Murder Mystery from Mr. Dignan’s Desk.  This complete packet was a lot of fun and kept us busy!


Next, we looked at two ways to send our secret messages with invisible ink.

You can take a white crayon and write a message on white paper.  Then, have the recipient use darker colored crayons to color the page.  The secret message will start to show up.



We also tried sending secret messages with invisible ink made from lemon juice.  Mix the lemon juice with some water and write the message on your paper by dipping a cotton swab in the liquid.  After it completely dries, heat the paper with a light bulb in a lamp.  The heat will cause the lemon juice to turn brown.


Sending secret messages through using codes and with invisible ink was pretty fun.  You can check out Stella’s other Detective skills HERE or see her progress with all her Girl Scouts Junior work HERE.

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