Stella’s Girl Scout Journey

Stella is an Independent Girl Scout Member in her first year as a Junior.  She started Girl Scouts as a Brownie and loves the skills she is learning and the leadership opportunities she gets to experience.

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Animals Badge Step One:

Learn about Wild Animals

Step One of the Girl Scouts Junior Animals Badge is to learn about Wild Animals.

Wild animals are very different from the pets you may have at your house or at a friend’s house. Through these activities, the students will practice their observation and research skills.

Activity One: Compare & Contrast – Venn Diagram Activity

Pick a pet that you are able to observe for about 15 minutes. While you are observing the pet, write down what you observe. How does the pet interact with others? Are there other pets in the home? What does the pet eat and how does the pet play?

Vocabulary – Domesticated Animal – an animal that has been tamed and made fit for human environment

After observing the pet, pick a wild animal that is similar. Examples could be Dog — Wolf/ Cat — Tiger/ Hamster — Rat

Watch a video or read a book about the animal and take notes about what you learn.

Now…. use this information to do a Compare & Contrast.  I love using Venn Diagrams for this.  I have included two Venn Diagrams that you can print.  One is a guided diagram labeled to help with this activity. Or feel free to use the blank one on the second page.

Download Venn Diagram

Animals Badge Compare-n-Contrast

Activity Two: Interview with an Animal

One option for making a skit or puppet show about wild animals is to do an Interview with an Animal. Think of questions that you would ask in the interview and then do some research (read a book, watch a video, research online) to answer those questions.  Pair up with a friend and have one of you ask the questions while the other person answers it as if you are the animal. Feel free to make similar sounds or even dress up. Create a mask with a paper plate so you can look like you are the animal being interviewed.

Activity Three: Wild Animal Scavenger Hunt

You can go to a place around your house or in your community to observe the wild animals that live near you.  With the Wild Animal Scavenger Hunt you can make a list of animals based on different character traits.

Download Activity

Wild Animal Scavenger Hunt  

Are you working on a Take Action Project or a Bronze Award?  These resources will help every Girl Scout get inspired and get ideas to help them.

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