Over the next two years, Stella will be working towards the following Badges for her Girl Scouts Journey.  She will also be completing a series of activities for three Journeys and she desires to get her Bronze award.  You can click on any of the links below to see her progress through an online portfolio.

Journey – Agent of Change

Girl Scout Activities

Badge   Type Category
Animal Habitats It’s Your Story Animals
Business Owner Financial Literacy Financial Literacy I
Camper It’s Your Planet Outdoors
Cookie CEO Cookie Business Cookie Business I
Customer Insights Cookies Business Cookie Business II
Detective It’s Your Planet Investigation
Digital Photographer It’s Your World Digital Arts
Drawing Legacy Artist
Entertainment Technology It’s Your World Science & Tech
First Aid Legacy First Aid
Flowers Legacy Naturalist
Gardener It’s Your Planet Do It Yourself
Geocacher It’s Your Story Adventure
Girl Scout Way Legacy Girl Scout Way
Independence It’s Your Planet Practical Life Skills
Inside Government Legacy Citizen
Jeweler It’s Your Planet Craft
Musician It’s Your World Performance
Playing the Past It’s Your Story Creative Play
Practice with Purpose Legacy Athlete
Product Designer It’s Your Story Innovation
Savvy Shopper Financial Literacy Financial Literacy II
Scribe It’s Your World Storytelling
Simple Meals Legacy Cook
Social Butterfly It’s Your Story Manners
Staying Fit It’s Your World Healthy Living
Make Your Own
Horseback Riding Girl’s Choice Outdoor Explorer
Outdoor Art Explorer Girl’s Choice Outdoor Art Explorer