Cadette Girl Scout Program – beginning March 2021

Over the next two years, Stella will be  working towards the following Badges for her Girl Scouts Journey.  She will also be completing a series of activities for three Journeys and she desires to get her Silver award.  You can click on any of the links below to see her progress through an online portfolio.





Outdoor (Cadette)

Think Like a Citizen Scientist

Think Like a Programmer

Think Like an Engineer

Girl Scout Activities

Badge Date CompletedTypeCategory
Animal Helpers   
Archery Financial LiteracyFinancial Literacy I
Babysitter It’s Your PlanetOutdoors
Book Artist Cookie BusinessCookie Business I
Budgeting Cookies BusinessCookie Business II
Business Creator It’s Your PlanetInvestigation
Business Plan It’s Your WorldDigital Arts
Cadette First Aid LegacyArtist
Cadette Girl Scout Way It’s Your WorldScience & Tech
Cadette STEM Career Exploration LegacyFirst Aid
Cadette Snow or Climbing Adventure LegacyNaturalist
Cadette Trail Adventure It’s Your PlanetDo It Yourself
Coding for Good 1: Coding Basics It’s Your StoryAdventure

Coding for Good 2: Digital Game Design

 LegacyGirl Scout Way
Coding for Good 3: App Development It’s Your PlanetPractical Life Skills
Comic Artist LegacyCitizen
Comparison Shopping It’s Your PlanetCraft
Cybersecurity 1: Basics It’s Your WorldPerformance
Cybersecurity 2: Safeguards It’s Your StoryCreative Play
Cybersecurity 3: Investigator LegacyAthlete
Democracy for Cadettes It’s Your StoryInnovation
Digital Movie Maker Financial LiteracyFinancial Literacy II
Eating for You It’s Your WorldStorytelling
Eco Trekker LegacyCook
Entrepreneur It’s Your StoryManners
Field Day It’s Your WorldHealthy Living
Financing My Dreams   
Finding Common Ground Girl’s ChoiceOutdoor Explorer
Good Sportsmanship Girl’s ChoiceOutdoor Art Explorer
New Cuisines
Night Owl
Outdoor Art Apprentice
Primitive Camper
Public Speaker
Robotics 1: Programming Robots
Robotics 2: Designing Robots
Robotics 3: Showcasing Robots
Science of Happiness
Space Science Researcher
Special Agent
Think Big

Junior Girl Scouts

Journey – Agent of Change

Girl Scout Activities

Badge   Type Category
Animal Habitats   It’s Your Story Animals
Business Owner   Financial Literacy Financial Literacy I
Camper   It’s Your Planet Outdoors
Cookie CEO   Cookie Business Cookie Business I
Customer Insights   Cookies Business Cookie Business II
Detective   It’s Your Planet Investigation
Digital Photographer   It’s Your World Digital Arts
Drawing   Legacy Artist
Entertainment Technology   It’s Your World Science & Tech
First Aid   Legacy First Aid
Flowers   Legacy Naturalist
Gardener   It’s Your Planet Do It Yourself
Geocacher   It’s Your Story Adventure
Girl Scout Way   Legacy Girl Scout Way
Independence   It’s Your Planet Practical Life Skills
Inside Government   Legacy Citizen
Jeweler   It’s Your Planet Craft
Musician   It’s Your World Performance
Playing the Past   It’s Your Story Creative Play
Practice with Purpose   Legacy Athlete
Product Designer   It’s Your Story Innovation
Savvy Shopper   Financial Literacy Financial Literacy II
Scribe   It’s Your World Storytelling
Simple Meals   Legacy Cook
Social Butterfly   It’s Your Story Manners
Staying Fit   It’s Your World Healthy Living
Make Your Own      
Horseback Riding   Girl’s Choice Outdoor Explorer
Outdoor Art Explorer   Girl’s Choice Outdoor Art Explorer

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