No more Monday grumbles or counting down the hours until the weekend.

Transform your classroom with students who
Radiate Outrageous Compassion & Kindness through the
Schools that R.O.C.K. program.

It SUCKS to FEEL your passion slip away

… especially when the whole reason you became a teacher was to  MAKE a DIFFERENCE in the lives of your students.

Here is what I know about you…

  • You started teaching because you wanted to MAKE AN IMPACT in the lives of your students.
  • You wanted to HELP students who are struggling know that they can succeed.
  • You wanted all students to KNOW their potential and FEEL good about themselves.

BUT something happened and you are feeling burnout.

  • Students are not responding to your classroom management.
  • Parents are not supporting your efforts or volunteering anymore.
  • Administrators are not listening to what you need.

I HEAR you!

3 Important Reminders

Reminder #1

Your students feed off of the energy you bring to the classroom each day.

Reminder #2

You may be the only POSITIVE influence a student has right now.

Reminder #3

The lessons you are teaching your students go beyond what’s in the book.

HELP is here!

With the SCHOOLS that R.O.C.K. program YOU can transform your classroom with students who RADIATE OUTRAGEOUS COMPASSION & KINDNESS.

Here is what you should know about me…

  • I’ve worked in education for over 18 years and have mentored students going in to the field for 5 years.
  • I am an AmeriCorps alum, Daily Points of Light honoree, and recipient of the Presidential Volunteer Service Lifetime Award for my service working with kids and community organizations.
  • I have implemented the strategies from the Schools that R.O.C.K. program in my classes – from middle grades to adult inmates with POSITIVE response & transformations. And if it can work with both of these groups – it can work for you!

An excellent quality resource that students loved!! Thank you for a well made, fun, easy to use resource, that worked so well in my classroom!!

I’m so happy to have found this resource filled with planning prompts! This will really make my life easier, and the students will enjoy the ideas! Thank you so much!

Great product to teach students the simple act of kindness. Glad I found it! Looking forward to following your store for additional products!

Schools that R.O.C.K 2019-2020 Program

Enrolling in the program provides you with OVER 100 resources to use in your classroom. 

Monthly Parent Newsletters

Ready to print out or send digitally to parents (worth

Monthly Planning Pages

Includes theme for the month and provides space to write who needs to be recognized, celebrated, or sent kudos

Read Aloud Book Recommendations

Picture books and chapter books that go with the month’s theme + a fun classroom activity

School Assembly Program

Slide show to play while classes arrive and a script for a class to perform

Bulletin Board Sets

Show off your class’s efforts with an activity you can post on your Bulletin Board.

Classroom Management Strategies & Incentives

Reinforce positive behavior with these easy to implement tips and printables.

Printable Posters

 Keep the monthly theme front and center by posting these quotes on your board or by the door.

Morning Work Journals

Start the day in a positive way with no fuss, no prep journals.


Purchased separately this would cost over $400 but with the Schools that R.O.C.K. program –
you get it for $197. But you can try it first with our Starter Pack ($39.95) from Teachers Pay Teachers.

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