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Nicky Purple

Author, Still Beautiful


The odds-defying journey of Nicky Purple (ATLANTA, GA) – August 31, 2018 –

She’s been beaten down, beaten up, left homeless and toothless. Now, she’s a Les Brown endorsed debut author and self-help coach.

Nicole Wright (AKA “Nicky Purple”) is a mother of three whose message to those going through hard times is simple: “You are still beautiful.”

That message is the core of Nicky Purple’s first book, “Still Beautiful”, released in May 2018. Part memoir, part recovery journal, part inspirational journey, “Still Beautiful” details much of the pain Nicky Purple suffered through her life; physical and sexual abuse, homelessness, and the loss of her teeth to a gum disease by age 30. However, despite these tragedies, Nicky Purple never lost her positivity or her passion to make the world a better place.

“I remember at one point, I was homeless, but I still had the passion and the energy to create a neighborhood garden for the homeless community,” recalls Nicky Purple. “I had just lost my car, so I had to carry all the gardening supplies on the bus. I just knew that even though I had needs of my own, I could still help others.” Nicky Purple believes it was that sense of unflagging optimism and kindness that ultimately turned her life around, much of which she documents in “Still Beautiful.” At her lowest moment, Nicky Purple won the “Deserving Diva” award, a giveaway by an Atlanta-area cosmetic dentist that gave her a brand-new smile. “I could have given up,” says Nicky Purple. “But despite everything that happened to me, I knew I still had something to give the world, and that I was still beautiful. That belief put me in position to win that award, and have the success I’m having today as an author and inspirational speaker.”

Since receiving her new smile, Nicky Purple has dedicated herself to sharing her story with other women who are going though tough transitions in their lives. She’s written a book, created a web site, YouTube channel, and more to spread her message of inner beauty to those who need to hear it. “There are so many beautiful people out there who have experienced pain and misfortune like me,” says Nicky Purple. “I want to share with them that they can rise above all that is broken and find their beauty, because they are still beautiful.”

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