Me & My Gal Camp: Overcoming my Fear

20180609_065314Stella attended her very first overnight Girl Scout camp in June.   What made it memorable is that we chose to do a camp together for a special Mom & Daughter experience.

Stella talked about this for months.  I knew she was excited but I started to get anxious as the day approached.  What if the experience did not live up to her expectations?  That was my biggest fear.

BUT my fears were unfounded — This opportunity was AMAZING!

Stella’s biggest desire was to do Archery. She watched videos about it before we went and even practiced with her Nerf Rebelle Arrow.  I talked with her beforehand to not be upset if she didn’t do it perfectly the first time around – that Archery takes practice… Of course, she did fine and really enjoyed the experience.

Other activities included – Swimming, Arts & Crafts, Culinary Cake Pops, Outdoor Water Games, and a Movie Night.

20180608_215200The BEST part of the trip was seeing Stella meet and interact with other Girl Scouts. We were in a cabin with three other moms and daughters. One mom and daughter we knew – from the same school/troop and traveled to the camp together.  The other Girl Scouts we met for the first time and they all became friends right away!

I am forever grateful for this experience and what it has opened up for us to do in the future. As a mom, I am realizing that Stella is of the age that these new experiences are valuable and that I cannot let my own fear and anxiety of how she will do get in the way.  She needs these opportunities to learn and grow.  And if she does get disappointed, then I can help her process that.



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