Learning to Draw a Still Life

Step One of the Drawing Badge asks us to draw a Still Life three times using different materials.  I have to admit this was a little out of our comfort zone – as well as something Stella is not really interested in.  She does not really like realistic things.

To introduce the concept of drawing a Still Life we watched this video from Sesame Street – Super Grover.  Although Stella is a little old for Sesame Street, we were both entertained.

After that introduction, we watched a Tutorial video.  This was a great video that walked us through making observations, using shadowing, and reminded us that “less is more.”

After watching the art lesson we picked our fruit and decided to do a banana.

Then our three choices for materials were crayons, oil pastels, and markers.  Here are our results.


Oil Pastels:


By the end, Stella was a little frustrated with her last banana so we went to the experts:


Overall, we are glad to be done with the “realistic” and Stella is ready to go back to drawing her Anime.

Check out the rest of Stella’s progress with her Drawing Badge for steps 2, 3, 4 and 5.


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