Books your students need to read that discuss social themes

Welcome to the Kindness Clubhouse from Project Stella Resources! Oftentimes, when a student in struggling with an issue, reading about it is more helpful than just talking about because it provides the child a safe space to process what is going on. In this post I provide you with book recommendations that you can use... Continue Reading →


Three ways to support your child and your child’s school through Scholastic

Yes, that is right. I have been called a Scholastic-aholic several times throughout my life. In grade school, the highlight of my month was bringing home the Reading Club Flier and seeing what new books were now available.  As a teacher, Scholastic provided me with a means to build my classroom library and offer additional resources to my students.  Then, working with community agencies, Scholastic provided a ways to help other nonprofits and afterschool programs.

I am a huge supported and want to highlight three ways parents can support their child and their child's school through Scholastic.

Top 12 Books Recommendations from Moms who R.O.C.K.

Hello! Welcome to our Project Stella Resources Blog! We recently finished up our Moms who R.O.C.K. (Radiate Outrageous Compassion & Kindness) Conference.  At the end of the conference, during our LIVE Q&A sessions, I asked our presenters for book recommendations they have for personal development and parenting. New here? I have these blog posts to help... Continue Reading →

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