Our Class Hopes & Dreams Board

What are your Hopes & Dreams for the School Year?

One of our very first activities for our class is to write your Hopes & Dreams for the school year and what you want to accomplish. This helps your teacher get an idea of what you expect to learn. This also lets your teacher know how to support you and create lessons that are fun and meet your interests.

Why do we start the year with our Hopes & Dreams?

If we have a goal or something to look forward to then we know where to focus our attention. Also, when things come up that are distractions – it is our Hopes & Dreams that can get us back on track.

Why do we post our Hopes & Dreams in the classroom?

We will keep our Hopes & Dreams up on our board in the classroom all year so that we can always revisit them. Each month you can take some time to look at what you wrote or if you are feeling discouraged you can check in to see how you feel about what you wrote on your Hopes & Dreams car.

What is your Hopes & Dreams for this School Year?

Take some time to answer these questions in your Impact Journal.

  • What is something I would like to accomplish this school year?
  • What is my goal for this school year?
  • What did I enjoy doing last school year that I would like to do again?
  • What is something I would like to improve?
  • What is a Habit of Mind that I would like to strengthen?

Our Hopes & Dreams Theme

If you look around the classroom you will see that there is a lot about exploration and adventure. That is what I feel our time in class is all about. You will be writing your Hopes & Dreams on a car that you design. The car will be placed on the road. This shows that “it’s not the destination but the journey” that we will focus on.

It’s not the destination – it’s the journey.


Choosing a Hopes & Dream Theme

I wanted my Hopes & Dream Theme to also match my theme for my classroom. My theme is ‘Explore” – mainly anything with travel. I also want my theme to reflect my teaching philosophy which tells my students that they are on a journey. Andy Stanley has the “Principle of the Path” which says “your direction determines your destination”

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