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18 Affirmations for Teachers to share to have an awesome year

When I decided to become a teacher, I knew education was the career for me because I wanted to make a difference in the lives of students.  I had some wonderful teachers that impacted my life and I hoped I could do the same.

Being in education is AMAZING but there are a lot of things during the day that can get you feeling a little down or questioning if any difference is being made at all.

This is where Affirmations play a huge part in my daily routine.  By reminding myself why I started teaching in the first place I have a much more positive outlook.

And, as a gift to you, I have a

Self-Care for Teachers Journal that you can download so you can see the benefits of caring for yourself.

Click here to Download


Here are 18 Affirmations that I encourage you to repeat to yourself each day.

I am making a difference in the lives of my students.

I may be the only smile and kind word one student receives today.

I am developing future leaders.

I am showing my students what it means to be kind.

I demonstrate to my students what patience means.

I show my students love each and every day.

I know every day is a new opportunity to help a child.

I am teaching my students more than what is in the book. I am teaching them to think and express themselves.

I am helping my students do better and be better.

I am someone my students can trust.

I help my students build friendships with those who may be different from them.

I am fair and consistent.

I show my students that they can make a difference.

I tell my students that they are important.

I prepare my students for when they leave my classroom.

I let my students be comfortable with who they are.

I am fulfilling my purpose by teaching kids who need me.

I bring positive energy into my classroom and attract positive attitudes from my students.

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