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Today we continue a new series, Teachers who R.O.C.K.  In this series we feature teachers and teacher resources that can help inspire and encourage you to continue to Radiate Outrageous Compassion & Kindness in your classroom, at school, and around the community.

Many of the resources features can be used in your classroom to encourage students to also Radiate Outrageous Compassion & Kindness.

If you know of a teacher or a resource that should be featured, email projectstellatrc@gmail.com so we can inspire and encourage others.

BONUS: And as a “Thank You” for checking out Project Stella Resources, we want to give you a Bonus! 

Download our Printable Classroom Kindness Wheel and Reflection pages. 

Use the wheel to introduce Daily Acts of Kindness in a fun way! Then your students can reflect on what they did.

Great way to begin and end each school day!

New here? I also have the following blog posts to help you plan events that engage youth with less stress.

3 Classroom Management tips that encourage students to be kind

5 Reasons you need to start a Kindness Club at your school or in your community today

5 Ways Volunteering helps Reduce a Teen’s Anxiety

Check in with Mrs. G 

Check in with Mrs. G provides a variety of resources from a Special Education Teacher in Washington State. In her resource room, they focus primarily on Social Skills and understanding how to communicate emotions. Many of Mrs. G’s products revolve around relationship building.

Featured Resource: 

Kindness Reading Comprehension

Build character and create a culture of kindness with this common core aligned reading comprehension workbook. Students are given a passage with a kindness theme, asked to read, and then respond to several comprehension questions.

This Kindness at Home themed workbook Includes:
3- Instructions for Use
4- List of Common Core State Standards used in workbook
5- Kindness at Home student workbook cover
6- Kindness at Home warm up
7- Make a Meal comprehension story
8-9 Make a Meal comprehension questions
10- Write a Letter comprehension story
11-12 Write a Letter comprehension questions
13- Give a Compliment comprehension story
14-15 Give a Compliment comprehension questions
16- Do a Chore comprehension story
17-18 Do a Chore comprehension questions
19- Kindness at Home Make a Connection
20-24 Answer Key
25- Terms of Use & Credits

Check this out!

Life Skills Vocational Reading Comprehension – FREE Digital Download

This is a free sample of a no prep Life Skills Reading Comprehension Workbooks I & II with a focus on vocational vocabulary!!

Each vocabulary word includes five activities that can be broken up over the week or done in one session depending on student ability.

1) A Reading Passage: Develop reading fluency by having student read the passage aloud
2) Part A: Vocabulary: Students will write the vocabulary word and circle it when it appears in the passage
3) Part B Comprehension: Students will answer comprehension questions pertaining to the passage
4) Part C Summarize: Students will identify and summarize the main idea and a supporting detail
5) Part D Problem Solve: Students will problem solve by answering multiple choice questions

 Inspire your students to Radiate Outrageous Compassion & Kindness through 52 Inspiring stories

  • One 10 year old started a nonprofit to deliver toys and books to kids in waiting rooms at hospitals needing cancer treatment.
  • One 9 year old decided that for his birthday he only wanted gifts that he could donate to other kids.
  • One 10 year old is selling 5000 boxes of cookies to win a Disney Trip that she will donate to a sick child.

This book is filled with these stories and also provides 52 project ideas to your students for ways they can be kind in the classroom and around the community.

Get Your Copy!
“52 Kids who ROCK: Inspiring stories of young people who Radiate Outrageous Compassion & Kindness”.


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