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5 Awesome Ways your school can R.O.C.K. with students who Radiate Outrageous Compassion & Kindness

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When I decided to create the Schools that R.O.C.K. program I had one mission in mind. That through the program we could transform classrooms, schools, and the community with students who Radiate Outrageous Compassion & Kindness.

This means that students would have no tolerance for bullying. Students would be able to learn more because teachers would not have to focus on classroom management as much. And, most importantly, the school day would allow students to be free to express themselves, their interests, and start preparing for the future because they would not fear being teased for who they are.

In this post, I provide an inside peek to the Schools that R.O.C.K. program, along with feedback received from other educators around the world.

New here? I also have the following blog posts to help you transform your home, school, and community with kids who Radiate Outrageous Compassion & Kindness.

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Your School can R.O.C.K. through Service Projects

The Schools that R.O.C.K. program provides Ebooks for each National Service Day including 9/11 National Day of Service and Remembrance, MLK “A Day On, not a Day Off,” and Global Youth Service Day.

Each Ebook provides 10 service project ideas with supply lists and step-by-step instructions.

Here is what teachers are saying:

“This is such a meaningful project for students! And perfect for MLK Day coming up. Thank you for the quality resource!”
“This resource is perfect for Service Based Learning activities or PBL. So many ideas for students. Includes lots of details!”
“A lovely ebook offering 10 easy service projects that students can do to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. and his legacy. A wonderful resource to encourage students to get involved in their community and become more aware of issues that affect us all! I appreciate the suggested supply list and tips for each project and found your blog very helpful in getting more ideas of how I can encourage my students to embrace compassion and kindness!”

Your School can R.O.C.K. through Kindness Clubs

In a recent post, I wrote about the 5 reasons your schools and communities need Kindness Clubs.

With the Schools that R.O.C.K. program, you get resources to help create a club from scratch and you get resources to plan the entire semester or year of activities.

Other Kindness Club resources included:

– Planning Calendar with National Service Day and National Kindness Days marked

– Guides for Club Meetings, School Assemblies, and Recognition programs

BONUS: And as a “Thank You” for checking out Project Stella Resources, we want to give you a Bonus! 

Download our Printable Classroom Kindness Wheel and Reflection pages. 

Use the wheel to introduce Daily Acts of Kindness in a fun way! Then your students can reflect on what they did.

Great way to begin and end each school day!

“I like that these instructions come from the wheel, rather than from myself or another adult. It seems to motivate students from a higher, more altruistic level. Thanks for this!”

Your School can R.O.C.K through developing Student Leaders

One of the greatest ways to develop Student Leaders is to have them lead service projects. It teaches them many skills that support the classroom – writing (publicity for project), math (creating a budget), communication – the list goes on an on.

With the Schools that R.O.C.K. program, you get my COMPLETE guide.

Here are what teachers are saying:

“What a wonderful resource to manage a service project. The workbook covers every part of managing a project from managing the volunteers, event management to organizing media and outreach to the community. This is essential to a well thought out and managed project.”
“This is a great handbook. The questions are thoughtful and will help my student leaders think through their project. Breaking it into sections also helps take what can seem like a daunting task and make it seem more manageable. Lots of good stuff here. Thank you!”
“My school requires my students to do community service hours so this is perfect for them. Thank you for making it easy for me!”
“An excellent Service Project Coordinator Workbook that provides a complete and thorough curriculum for student leaders and walks them through the basics of service project planning. Thank you!”

Your school can R.O.C.K. through Grants and Fundraisers

With the Schools that R.O.C.K. program you will get a video series of Quick Tips for Student Leaders. Many of these Quick Tips are about Creating Buzz and Getting Grants to fund your service efforts.

Your School can R.O.C.K. through Positive Classroom Management

Our most popular blog post on Project Stella Resources is about 3 Classroom Management Tips that Encourage Kids to be Kind.

The Schools that R.O.C.K program provides your teachers with the resources to put these tips in practice. They totally transformed my time in the middle grades classroom.  I did not have to raise my voice using these tips and parents complimented the change they saw in their students.

Teachers have said that the Consequence Worksheet is “A great addition to my classroom management resources.”

Transform your classroom, school, and community with students who Radiate Outrageous Compassion and Kindness.

Ebook Download: 52 Kids who R.O.C.K. Every Day
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