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Today we continue a new series, Teachers who R.O.C.K.  In this series we feature teachers and teacher resources that can help inspire and encourage you to continue to Radiate Outrageous Compassion & Kindness in your classroom, at school, and around the community.

Many of the resources features can be used in your classroom to encourage students to also Radiate Outrageous Compassion & Kindness.

If you know of a teacher or a resource that should be featured, email projectstellatrc@gmail.com so we can inspire and encourage others.

BONUS: And as a “Thank You” for checking out Project Stella Resources, we want to give you a Bonus!  Download our editable version of the Consequence Worksheet to help your students reflect on Classroom Expectations. This was a game-changer in my classroom and improved overall behavior. Students became a willing and active participant of our classroom management.

New here? I also have the following blog posts to help you plan events that engage youth with less stress.

3 Classroom Management tips that encourage students to be kind

5 Reasons you need to start a Kindness Club at your school or in your community today

5 Ways Volunteering helps Reduce a Teen’s Anxiety

All Therapy Resources 

All Therapy Resources provides a variety of Behavior Support Resources for parents, teachers and any individual who supports children who demonstrate behavioral concerns.  Curriculum is developed by a Primary School Teacher with experience in behaviour support and as a School Counsellor specialising in intellectual disability, autism and mental health.

Featured Resource: 

Social Skills Portfolio: Let’s Make Some Friends

This 40 page Social Skill Portfolio has been developed to provide specific activities and programming ideas to teach individuals social interaction skills and provide opportunities in their daily life to practice these skills.

Activities have been provided to address the following social skill areas:

• Greetings and meeting new people
• Understanding emotions/feelings
• Turn-taking
• Listening
• Eye Contact
• Asking and answering questions
• Introducing new topics of conversation and maintaining topics of conversation
• Understanding social distance
• Using the right volume when speaking
• Dealing with communication breakdowns
• Interrupting
• Following Directions
• Individual and Whole Class Program Examples
• And much more…

Check this out!

Building Communication Skills Package – FREE Digital Download

This is the perfect free resource to helping your students learn communication skills.

Strategies when using visuals to help your child communicate
Learning New Words
Making Sentences
Communicative Temptations
Strategies when using Makaton signs to help your child communicate
Why is signing used with children with communication difficulties
Points to remember when introducing signing
Stages in teaching your child signs

Transform your classroom, school, and community with students who Radiate Outrageous Compassion and Kindness.

The Schools that R.O.C.K. gives you LIFETIME membership with curriculum added each week to help you stop bullying and encourage acts of kindness.

If you were to piece all the curriculum together it would cost you over $500!  With the Schools that R.O.C.K. starter pack you get it for a very affordable bundled rate.


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