Each week Project Stella Resources wants to feature Teachers who R.O.C.K. These teachers have practices in place in their classroom that encourage students to Radiate Outrageous Compassion and Kindness.

In this post I am providing a list of 10 teachers who have created curriculum and resources, all available on Teachers Pay Teachers, that teach children important skills to help them show compassion and kindness in and out of the classroom.

You can support teachers that do this by visiting their TPT store or checking them out on their Blog or Facebook page.

And, as a gift to you, I have a

Self-Care for Teachers Journal that you can download so you can see the benefits of caring for yourself.

Click here to Download

Make sure you visit the Project Stella Resources store on Teachers Pay Teachers to get your FREE E-book, “12 Ways to Fund your Service Project.”

This is the perfect resource for Student Council, Parent Teacher Organization, Scouts, 4-H, Kindness Clubs, and more.

This book is part of the “Schools that R.O.C.K.” curriculum. Together we can transform our classrooms, schools, and communities with students who Radiate Outrageous Compassion & Kindness.

A Plus Learning

Teachers Pay Teachers Store


A Plus Learning prides itself on providing teachers and counselors with quality educational materials and resources that are designed to enhance the engagement and performance of students allowing them to achieve excellent results.

All Therapy Resources

Teachers Pay Teachers Store


Provides a variety of behavior sport resources for parents, teachers and any individual who supports children who demonstrate behavioral concerns.

Busy Little Hands

Teachers Pay Teachers Store

“I love being creative, energetic and positive. The more I teach, the more I realize that every action with children aged 3-5 is a learning action and we as educators need to instruct them in all facets while being very conscious of their individual styles and needs. Modeling the correct action is imperative instead of always wanting the child to act the way you want them to act or learn the way you want them to learn.”

Check in with Mrs. G

Teachers Pay Teachers Store


“I am a Special Education Teacher in Washington State, I get to work with the best students! In my resource room we focus primarily on Social Skills and understanding how to communicate our emotions. So, many of my products revolve around relationship building and I wouldn’t have it any other way!”

Ginger Speechie

Teachers Pay Teachers Store


“Thanks for following me on this crazy journey of being a speech-language pathologist. I am currently in my second year as an SLP. I provide services to students in grades 7-12.”

Saved by a Bell

Teachers Pay Teachers Store


“I have been a teacher for over 30 years and my passion for working with kids continues to grow. I have worked as a general education teacher, a literacy staff developer and a special education teacher for PK-8th-grade gen ed students, students classified with Autism, Intellectual and Cognitive Disabilities and Emotional Disturbance. Every day is a new opportunity for my students to learn from me and for me to learn from them!”

Teaching Autism

Teachers Pay Teachers Store


“I have many years experience of working with students all over the Autistic Spectrum, which allows me to create a range of resources to suit varying and individual needs. Many of my resources come differentiated for you. Along with my Autism experience, I have experience of working with general Special Education students and Mainstream students.”

[The Dancing Yogi

Teachers Pay Teachers Store


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The Dancing Yogi provides lesson plans and teaching tools for your classroom or studio.


Teachers Pay Teachers Store


“The 4Cs are Key (Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking) I have taught Gifted and Talented Education for years and have time and time again learned project based learning and STEM were essential in creating a daily interactive classroom where students were in charge of their own learning.”

Whitney Sparks

Teachers Pay Teachers Store

“I prefer keeping things simple, but also rigorous. I expect all of my kids to do their very best and want nothing less. I teach great students and love seeing them grow throughout the year. I hope these small tools that I have created on here will help you to see your children do the same.”


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