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A Kindness Club can transform your school. It encourages and inspires students to think beyond themselves and seek out opportunities to show compassion and kindness.

In this Blog post, I share five reasons that starting a Kindness Club will transform your classroom, school, and community with students that Radiate Outrageous Compassion & Kindness.

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Download our Printable Classroom Kindness Wheel and Reflection pages.

Use the wheel to introduce Daily Acts of Kindness in a fun way! Then your students can reflect on what they did.

Great way to begin and end each school day!

“What a great way to encourage positive relationships in the classroom! Thank you!”

“Perfect to keep next to my desk for easy grab and go!”

“I like that these instructions come from the wheel, rather than from myself or another adult. It seems to motivate students from a higher, more altruistic level. Thanks for this!”

A Kindness Club transforms school culture

Just this morning I read another news story of a child being bullied and violently abused by another child. It is heartbreaking to read about over and over again.

By creating a Kindness Club for your school, you are making it public that kindness and compassion is something valued.  It doesn’t take a lot of talent or skill to participate in kindness activities so it is something that is inclusive to everyone. With administrative support it can be made as important as any sports team or theater program. AND you don’t have to worry about a losing season.  Kindness always wins.

With small acts of kindness being performed by the Kindness Club, positive vibes will transform other parts of the school. Students, teachers, and staff will feel appreciated and valued. That is the most powerful transformation tool available.

A Kindness Club supports school and community efforts

Do you have things you would like to do for your school and in the community? A mural painted? A garden planted? A Teacher Appreciation week planned?

A Kindness Club can do all those things.  The students can plan events, play games, read to kids in lower grades, volunteer at a community festival – there is SO MUCH that they can do.

They can show appreciation to custodial staff. They can clean up the library. They can do a school yard or park clean-up.  Their reach into the community is huge. 

A Kindness Club helps all members feel welcomed

I was never great at sports. I was not interested in cheerleading.  I had no talent for theater or marching band.  But the one thing I KNEW I was good at was serving others.  Honestly, it doesn’t take much more than a general interest and wanting to be with other people with the same interest.

Anyone can be part of the Kindness Club and they can all feel good about what is being done.  Valuable skills are developed and it gives a great thing to talk about on college applications and in job interviews.

Students of all abilities can feel like they are doing their best in a Kindness Club.  It can quickly become your largest club on your campus.

A Kindness Club creates positive attention for your school

It always seems like negative news spreads faster than positive news. Unfortunately, there is A LOT of negative news out there.  But one thing that can change it at your school is a Kindness Club.

People are inspired by incredible stories and young people doing acts of compassion and acts of kindness. Those stories on social media and the news spread like wildfire.  Your Kindness Club can do that for your school.  Small acts being done by students turn into bigger acts and can make a HUGE impact on everyone around.

If you are needing to recruit more students – do it with a Kindness Club.  Parents fear that their child may be bullied but if your school has a culture where compassion is valued then parents will flock to it.

So, this is really the best part of starting a Kindness Club – it does not cost much to start!  You don’t need special equipment. Students don’t need to by a uniform or musical instrument.  You can start out with an Advisor, 3-4 students, some construction paper, and markers.

Your first act of kindness can be your recruitment tool.  How great is this!  The main resources you need is a little time and students with a positive attitude.

BONUS – Your Kindness Club can also be a Book Club!

Be very intentional about the books you pick.  It is important to me to pick books that deal with issues my students are facing but have a positive message. (I really wish Wonder was out when I taught).

Two books that have very powerful messages are Schooled by Gordon Korman and the classic, Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson.

If you teach children in the lower grades, I recommend a couple of books in my post “50 Books your Child should read before turning 8, part three – Books about Kindness

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