This is Part Three of a Six Part Series on the 50 Books Every Child Should Read Before they Turn 8.

All of these books teach valuable life lessons on:

Part One: Responsibility
Part Two: Perseverance
Part Three: Kindness
Part Four: 
Family & Friends
Part Five: Courage
Part Six: Exploration & Discovery

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The Paper Bag Princess

Robert Munsch & Michael Martchecnko (1992)
Ages 4-7

A beautiful princess has the courage to save her prince from a dragon after the dragon destroys everything she has.  Her true courage shows when her prince sees her in a paper bag dress.

The Rough-Faced Girl

Rafe Martin (1998)
Ages 4-8

A girl scarred from working by the fire shows bravery in admitting that she can see the invisible being many other girls want to marry.  This is an Algonquin Indian version of the Cinderella story.

Stone Angel

Jane Yolen/ Katie May Green (2015)
Ages 5-8

A little girl and her family must have courage to escape from Paris where they would be placed in a concentration camp. The girl remembers the stone angel near their home and it helps her be brave during their family struggles.

If a Bus Could Talk

Faith Ringgold (2003)
Ages 5-8

Marcie takes a ride on a magical bus that shows her the courage of Rosa Parks and the decision she made that impacted the Civil Rights Movement.

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