50 Books your Child should read before turning 8, part 4 – Friendship & Family

This is Part Four of a Six Part Series on the 50 Books Every Child Should Read Before they Turn 8.

All of these books teach valuable life lessons on:

Family & Friends
Exploration & Discovery

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Spring is Here

Will Hillenbrand (2011)
Ages 1-5

A friendship between a bear and a mole is celebrated when Spring arrives.  Mole creates a special treat for his friend and just needs bear to wake up.

The Adventures of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend

Dan Santant (2014)
Ages 3-6

An imaginary friend is looking for someone perfect to give him the perfect name.  Friendship is all about sharing experiences and imagination together.

King Hugo’s Huge Ego

Chris Van Dusen (2011)
Ages 3-7

A king suffers from a huge ego and is cursed so his head gets bigger and bigger.  After asking for forgiveness he finds love and friendship from someone willing to help.

Just Me and My Little Brother

Mercer Mayer (1998)
Ages 3-7

Little Critter is excited about all the things he can do with his little brother and teach him. His little brother must grow up before he can do them.

Make Way for Ducklings

Robert McCloskey (1941)
Ages 3-7

A mother duck is responsible for getting her ducklings to a safe home. With the help of others she makes it through busy Boston to safety.


Janell Cannon (2005)
Ages 4-7

A cockroach that is tired of being bully and wants to be left alone begins picking on insects smaller than him.  After being shown mercy Crickwing helps the leaf-cutter ants with a creative plan.

Mustache Baby Meets His Match

Bridget Heos/ Joy Ang (2015)
Ages 4-7

Two babies compete with each other during a play date but learn that friendship is about working together.

Imaginary Fred

Eoin Colfer/ Oliver Jeffers (2015)
Ages 4-8

An imaginary friend is sad when he begins to disappear after children outgrow him but when he meets another imaginary friend their friendship becomes real.

The Keeping Quilt

Patricia Polacco (2001)
Ages 4-8

A family’s quilt helps them remember their home and their past and how the love of family keeps you strong.

Thomas the Toadilly Terrible Bully

Janice Levy/ Bill Slavin (2014)
Ages 5-8

Thomas  decides to become a bully when he has difficulty making friends.  When he is bullied himself, he discovers that a friend can help.

In Our Mother’s House

Patricia Polacco (2009)
Ages 6-8

All families do not look the same but as long as they love and support each other they are family.  This book helps young readers see that even if a family looks different than your own, the experiences are still the same.

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