Host your own Create A Creature Event at School

I came home from work today and was bombarded by the news of the Build A Bear Pay Your Age event.  While the promotion sounds wonderful in theory and obviously got a lot of people’s attention – the overwhelming response caused a lot of safety concerns and the lines were shut down.

One thing the promotion shows is the huge popularity of what Build-A-Bear provides.

We were able to offer a similar event to our college students this Spring and it was our most successful event of the year!

This is how we did it —

The vendor we use is NEON Entertainment. I was drawn to this vendor for our college activities because they offer a wide variety of DIY Novelty Activities. You pick the project and they ship you all the supplies you need. You don’t have to worry about hosting a guest and you have flexibility to work within your school’s schedule.

The supplies that you receive for Create-A-Creature are:

  • The animals – they have a wide variety to pick from – we did bears, koalas, and sloths
  • Stuffing  piled in a box so you need volunteers to fluff
  • Printed t-shirts – we had white shirts with the college logo printed on them
  • Hearts and Stars with positive messages on them
  • Adoption certificates

These went FAST! I loved it because it gave our students a school-spirit item to take home.

Some of our students donated their animals after they finished with them to children in foster care.  Other students used them as gifts for their own family members. It was one event that brought a very diverse group together. They interacted and made connections!

I HIGHLY recommend this event to anyone doing campus programs. It can also be turned into a great fundraiser or an interactive service program anyone at any age can do.

Make sure if you do plan it as an event to Download my Event Planning Worksheet that helps you plan your programs with less stress.

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