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It’s almost Back to School time and teachers are looking for tips for classroom management. It is a question many parents may have about the classroom.  One idea that I implemented and was very useful was creating a Consequence Worksheet. Read more and get your download your own copy.


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Tip One for Classroom Management:
Know the Expectations

In my classroom, we developed our classroom expectations on the very first day of school.  There is nothing groundbreaking about them but by engaging students in the process there is more buy-in from the class and they are more likely to hold each other accountable to them.  We post the expectations in the classroom and come back to them periodically for class discussions. I also limit the expectations to five. This provides a discussion for the class to have about what we feel is most important.

These expectations are then on the top of the Consequence Worksheet so when a student is caught not following one of them, he or she has it right there to reflect on.

  • Treat the teacher, members of the class, and our guests with respect and in a way that I would like to be treated in return.

  • Begin each day prepared and with a positive attitude.

  • Stay in my seat until the teacher givers directions for me to move or I raise my hand and ask permission.

  • Be considerate to the members of the class by asking appropriate question at appropriate times.

  • Stay on task by following all the teacher’s instructions.

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Download the Consequence Worksheet PDF with FREE access to the Insider’s Vault


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Tip Two: Provide an Opportunity for Reflection

The second part of the Consequence Worksheet provides the student an opportunity to reflect on the expectation he or she did not meet.  I only ask three questions but they address acknowledging the expectation, the reason behind not meeting the expectation, and what the student can now do to improve.

I found this part to be most valuable and the majority of my students responded to it.

  1. Write (copy) the expectation below.

  2. Why did I choose to break this expectation?

  3. What are five things I can do to make sure I meet this expectation in the future?

I ended with this portion with a positive statement.

I know that I am an essential piece of my class and school and am responsible for meeting our class’s expectations.

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Tip Three: Getting Signatures for Parental Support

At the very bottom I have a place for three signatures – the student, the teacher, and the parent/guardian.  All three play an important role in the classroom running smoothly. It also provides a way to ensure communication is happening between each stakeholder.


The Consequence Worksheet provides a positive way to discuss classroom behavior. I use “expectations” instead of “rules.” I put the responsibility on the class and engage them in the process.  I let the student’s voice be heard as he or she reflects on what happened in the classroom.  And I ended in a positive way.


An editable version of the worksheet is available on my Teachers Pay Teachers site.

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