Poem: Toby the Tennis Show – Dance for those that can’t

Over the years I have enjoyed writing poems that touch on the mission of a volunteer opportunity that I experienced through The GIVE Center at Georgia College & State University with the hopes of turning it in to a children’s picture book/coloring book.  I did this first with the Society of St. Andrew and Stella the Sweet Potato’s Amazing Journey.

This poem came about with The GIVE Center’s partnership with The Children’s Miracle Network and Dance Marathon.  The mission of the project is to “Dance for those that Can’t.”  It is from that mission that Toby the Tennis Shoe was written.

Toby the Tennis Shoe liked to move and groove when the music played.
The other shoes thought that he was silly and just got in the way.
His laces didn’t match and his soles were way too thin.
He looked a little different but he always had a grin.


Toby was not as perfect as the other sneakers looked.
But he liked to dance – so he wiggled and he shook.
He knew it did not matter if the others danced along
It made him happy jumping to the beat of all the different songs.

While the other shoes thought that he was silly – Toby made them smile
And as they watched him dancing they learned to like his style.
It didn’t really matter that his laces were not right
Or that his tongue was crooked and the fastenings were not as tight.

Toby did his dancing and spread joy to all he knew.
His joy was contagious, and so the dancing movement grew.
So after Toby got too tired and his sole wore away
The other shoes kept dancing, every single day.

Toby the Tennis Shoe wanted to help others have a chance
And that is why they all continue to dance for those who can’t.


If you would be interested in helping illustrate Toby the Tennis Shoe, please email projectstellatrc@gmail.com.

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