Book Review: Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library

If you are looking for a really great time and fun read, both Stella and I highly recommend Chris Grabenstein’s Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library.


While working on Stella’s Detective Badge for Girl Scouts, we revisited this book.  It is an award winning children’s mystery that perfectly supported her Girl Scouts Badge work because  of the puzzles and codes it has to solve.


  • The book is fun and entertaining.
  • The book refers to lots of great children’s literature. So if you are a book-lover, the book appeals to you.
  •  The book’s main character is a reluctant reader who is more interested in games but comments on books he is “adding to his list” throughout the book as he competes in the contest.


Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library is like Willy Wonka meets Children’s Lit class (which I was taking when I first read the book!).  As Stella read it she asked me lots of great questions and added more books to her reading list.  There are codes within that we were able to solve together.

This was the first book I read from Grabenstein but it definitely made me want to read more. He has a great sense of humor and deserves the awards he receives!

25588132_10101272136705039_4274580491294423350_oThere are two more books in the series and possibly a fourth one coming out.  Stella asked for both of the books and has read them several times each!

There is also a Nickelodean movie based on the book. Stella watched it every day for a week. She enjoyed it more than I did. I fell into the trap of comparing it to the source material.

It is a great summer read and meets the criteria for several of the Summer Reading Scavenger Hunt Challenges.

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