Poem: To be a Volunteer

Mommy, mommy look what I brought home!

Our teacher asked us to write a poem.

To tell her about what we see

As we get older, what we could be.

I thought hard about what I should write,

Working on it all day and night.

I could be a doctor, a teacher, a cook,

A dancer, a singer, a librarian with books.

But none of those were right, because it’s true,

I know exactly what I want to do.

I want to help people far and near.

I want to be a volunteer.

Someone who takes their time to give,

Who makes that their purpose as they live.

Someone who gives blood to save lives,

Or a person who fixes homes on the side.

A person that tutors, teaches others to read,

Or plants the garden, there are many to feed.

Who takes care of the pets that have nowhere to go,

Or cleans up the trash where water flows.

Oh my child, I am so happy you want to serve!

But mommy, when you volunteer there’s so much to learn.

You see how to stay strong when times are tough

And how to be happy when things get rough.

You get to meet people from every place

And talk to them, they put a smile on your face.

You learn it’s important to be with family

and to stand up for what you believe.

Oh my child, you bring tears to my eyes

I’m amazed you want to do this with your life.

Oh mommy, it’s because I know what you do,

I want to be a volunteer so I can make a difference like you.

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