The Best Slime EVER! – According to Stella, age 9

I don’t know about you but the SLIME CRAZE has taken over our home. Whenever Stella has a spare moment it is used for either looking up videos of other kids making slime or trying it out herself.

Unfortunately – the slime trial and error has ended in tears time and time again.

BUT today we met with success!  And here are the instructions according to Stella.

20180627_202630-01.jpegStep One: Add Glue – Stella used half a bottle of Elmer’s Pink Glitter Glue and emptied it into a plastic GLAD container.

Step Two: Add very little Contact Solution – Stella used just under 1 tsp of contact solution. This was the Walmart brand.

Step Three: Add lotion – Stella used some of my hand lotion- about 1 squirt. She did say this was optional but good if you want to lighten the color.

Step Four: Add shaving creme – Stella used some shaving cream that we bought from the Dollar Tree. She says she used two pumps.

At this point she was a little disappointed in her slime and thought it was another failure because it still felt just like glue…

20180627_194543-01.jpegStep Five: Add liquid laundry detergent – Stella added 1 Tbsp of a liquid detergent – Arm & Hammer is the best.

Step Six: Mix until it no longer sticks to the container.  If it does still stick, then pick up the biggest chunk and start kneading it.

Stella wants to make sure that you do it exactly in this order.  She has had many attempts and this really is the best ever!

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