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Six Steps to creating the Best Slime EVER*!

*According to my 9-year old daughter

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I don’t know about you but the SLIME CRAZE has taken over our home. Whenever my daughter has a spare moment it is used for either looking up videos of other kids making slime or trying it out herself. And while the idea of making a mess always causes me to have some anxiety – I know there are benefits that help in her development.

Unfortunately – the slime trial and error has ended in tears time and time again.

BUT today we met with success! 

Here are the steps we followed for SLIME SUCCESS!

Step One: Add Glue –

We used half a bottle of Elmer’s Pink Glitter Glue and emptied it into a plastic GLAD container.

Step Two: Add very little Contact Solution –

We only used just under 1 tsp of contact solution. This was the Walmart brand.

Step Three: Add lotion –

About 1 “squirt” of hand lotion was used.  My daughter said this was optional but good if you want to lighten the color.

Step Four: Add shaving cream –

We used some shaving cream that we bought from the Dollar Tree. She says she used two pumps.

At this point she was a little disappointed in her slime and thought it was another failure because it still felt just like glue…

Step Five: Add liquid laundry detergent –

We added 1 Tbsp of a liquid detergent – Arm & Hammer is the best.

Step Six: Mix until it no longer sticks to the container. 

If it does still stick, then pick up the biggest chunk and start kneading it.

According to my 9-year old daughter you should do these steps exactly in this order.  She has had many attempts and this really is the best ever!

If you are wanting to use a Slime Kit or add some more variety to your Slime-making — I have included a link – just click the image below.

As an Amazon Associate, I do receive a small portion from verified Amazon Sales – these do go to support Kindness Clubhouse and my 4th grade classroom.
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