Ways to Support the Classroom through Scholastic.

Yes, that is right. I have been called a Scholastic-aholic several times throughout my life. In grade school, the highlight of my month was bringing home the Reading Club Flier and seeing what new books were now available.  As a teacher, Scholastic provided me with a means to build my classroom library and offer additional resources to my students.  Then, working with community agencies, Scholastic provided a ways to help other nonprofits and afterschool programs.


I am a huge supported and want to highlight three ways parents can support their child and their child’s school through Scholastic.

Scholastic Book Clubs

The Scholastic Book Club flier comes once a month and lets parents and children order new books and activity sets. This is a great program for the classroom because teachers can get bonus points from each order that the class places. The bonus points can be used to buy books for the classroom or to purchase supplies from the Bonus Catalog. When I taught, the bonus points allowed me to purchase book sets so I had multiple copies of several books for reading groups. There is an extra incentive for parents to place their order online and through Storia eBooks parents can create a digital library for their child to read books using the latest technology.

525505_957554735869_366902943_n (1)Scholastic Book Fair

Schools usually have a Scholastic Book Fair once a year. How each school promotes their fair is different but its purpose is to allow students and families to purchase age appropriate books at their school. By purchasing items from the Book Fair the school is able to get Scholastic Dollars that can be used to help their school purchase books for the classroom or assist in getting more technology. My daughter’s preschool was able to buy a listening center with their Scholastic Dollars and audio books for the PreK classes.

Scholastic Website

The Scholastic Website is a great educational resource. The Parent section of the website allows you to select the age range of your child and provides tips and activities that are helpful for their grade level. The site also provides a Home Library Builder where you answer a couple of questions about the books you have at home for your child. Using your answers it provides suggestions that fit your child’s developmental stage.

For the kids there is the Family Playground site. This provides games, stories, printables and videos that children can explore.

Scholastic is one of my favorite go-to places when looking for books and resources for Stella.  I am a huge supporter of how they support education and provide a means for me to support my educators.  Being a Scholastic-aholic is not so bad…

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