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I started researching women in art while developing activities for Stella to participate in for her Agents of Change Journey with Girl Scouts.  In the first part, The Power of Me, Stella is to look at her own strengths and interests to see how she can make a difference.

Currently, Stella’s biggest ambition is to be an artist/illustrator and so I want her to have some strong role models who use art to make an impact.  Unfortunately, my initial search for women in art did not give me what I was looking for.

comicsThen this morning I decided to look for “Documentaries about Art” on Netflix to see if there is anything that Stella can watch (and be interested in). I found She Writes Comics, a documentary that tells the unknown story of women in comics.

This documentary fits what I need to get us started.  It will interest Stella as she has discussed wanting to illustrate (she’s a little obsessed with Anime right now) and it meets the criteria of learning a HERstory.  I know it will definitely inspire!

Here are just some of the women mentioned or interviewed in the documentary that Stella can learn more about.

Jackie Ormes – first African American woman cartoonist, published in newspapers

Ramona Fradon – drew comics for over 40 years, worked at DC, worked on Aquaman, Created the villan, Metamorpho

Joyce Farmer & Trina Robbins – developed the first all woman comic and was almost arrested

Wendy Pini – Original Queen of Cosplay – Red Sonja, started original series with female characters

Jenette Kahn – DC Publisher at 28 years old, became President and Editor-in-Chief


There are many other women that are trailblazers.

Two organizations I found that provide more information for our research are:

Friends of Lulu

Women in Comics

Our research is just beginning and we would love to know more! If you have any recommendations for ways for Stella (9 years old) to learn more about women making a difference through their art – please comment below!

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