She wants to be a YouTube Star

We were talking to Stella this week about what she wants to be when she grows up.  Her plan right now is to be an artist or to do something that allows her to draw and animate – she is really interested in Anime right now.

She also said, “I can be a YouTube Star!”

Wow.  This speaks a lot on how YouTube continues to influence our society.  It is pretty awesome that I can learn just about anything on it. We also don’t use Cable TV because we pretty much watch YouTube through streaming service – even more than we use Netflix.

But becoming a YouTube Star is not easy.  The time and effort it takes is hard.  We made a couple of videos – my husband filmed and directed as Stella and I tried to let our personalities “shine”.  I do think every video had someone crying during some part of making it.

18238541_1187497431378513_2265571766063683882_oThe Channel we created is Purple Scribbles.  After two years of the videos being posted we have our post popular one with 2000 views.  Yep. It’s a hard road. Of course, if I spent as much time working on it as I do at my current job – I might have more success.  But at least with my current job I know I am getting a paycheck every two weeks.  With YouTube – not so much.  But Kudos to those who do!

Just for fun – here is our first Purple Scribbles video – let’s see if when can get to 3,000 views….


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