The Legacy Project

The Legacy Project was released by Project Stella Resources for Mother’s Day 2018 but was started in 2003.

On December 24, 2003 I was guilty of being a last minute Christmas shopper. I was in college, on a very strict budget, and could not think of anything to give my two grandmothers that I would be seeing for the holidays. I had to get creative and needed something quick.The resulting gift ended up being the best gift of the year. It was created in a moment of panic. I spent a total of $5. It is now a tradition I call The Legacy Project.

The Legacy Project is simple.  It is a journal.  Inside the journal, I wrote a question on each page.  I provided instructions to the recipient asking them to take time over the next year to answer the questions with as much or as little detail as they desire.  Then, after the year, I ask that the journal be wrapped up as a gift and given back to me.

The Legacy Project is monumental.  By the time that I grew up enough to appreciate the stories of my grandparents, they were gone.  My daughter only remembers meeting one of my grandmothers but because of The Legacy Project she will have access to her great-grandparents words, advice and memories.  It is so simple, costs so little but has a huge impact in recording family history that can be passed down.

You are able to purchase your own journal through Amazon.

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